Digimon Correction

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Hey everyone and welcome to a new digimon fan fiction of digimon! I am so glad you pick this website, and I want to tell you I will be udating a lot, just to warn you. The group I am with right now is telling me to tell you guys we will soon be adding vidoes, music, pictures and much more! Episode 1 is already posted please leave a comment on what you think of it. :) Also before you go through the website let me tell you we do not own digimon only the Oc's.

Digimon is owned by Bandi every since 1996, (my birthday year :), my favorite tv show and I are seventeen, how cool! why haven't I been posting any more episodes you ask? because I hate this wepisite and I will be making a new one and until then you can read my episodes here on wattpad. http://www.wattpad.com/story/21465680-digimon-correcttion-re-written. Also have a happy Phemon day :)